Why Email Marketing Sucks?

Why Email Marketing Sucks?

If you have not noticed already- Email marketing rates are down, their click-through rates are under the drain. That clearly points out the email strategy is getting less and less effective as the years go on. 

People use email to sign up for everything, yes it used to be a precious anchor for marketers to promote the product, but now everything’s changed.

More than 2.5 billion people use emails and over 205 billion emails are being sent every day according to the study committed for people who are email crazy.  The possibility of your email being ignored is tremendously high, making email marketing services suffer.

Are you wondering why your email marketing strategy sucks? It might be you are making one or two mistakes among the following.

  • Using Generic Send Names

This is one aspect many marketers who use email for marketing never optimize. If your email contains “no-reply,” it sends a signal of unimportance, and most of the time, it gains no traffic as it is ignored among 100 other emails. Instead of using uninviting names like “no-reply” focus on the usage of brand name encouraging your team to speak via social media.

  • Not Segmenting your email list

Segmenting your mail according to the information collected from the users is a good email marketing strategy. If you don’t segment the email list on relevance, interests, genders, behaviors, language, birth date, address, and sign up the path. 

It works even if you target the users based on these relevances so that you can track purchasing frequency. Curating content is vital, so most of the business make the mistake of sending the same email to the entire list.

  • Sending emails at worst times

There is a perfect time to send emails, so you must create the emails and set them to be sent at a particular time, depending on the time zones. It usually depends on the recipient and the content, where you have to send them at a time close to 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM. Email marketing fails if you send them at a time when your customer is deep in sleep.

  • When the  subject line fails to describe the point

Sometimes, business emails are vague, creating confusion for the reader. It can fail miserably. If you want to create leads for the business, it’s imperative to be exact and to the point when it comes to the subject line.

  • If you fail to push offers and promotions

If you don’t create a sense of urgency in pushing the offers and promotions through encouraging subject lines, then you’ll fail at making the users excited about your limited period offer.

  • Not getting personal

If the emails are not personal enough, it will fail to engage the subscribers. So try to learn everything about the users desires, habits, and other interactions of the subscribers. This can be a great way to trigger the subscribers and can increase conversion rates 15-25%.

  • Email marketing fails if not A/B testing

This is the common mistake business commits while email marketing. A/B testing is a very refined feature that provides advanced multivariate testing to check the subject lines, content, and send names.

These are the major reasons why your email marketing sucks. But you still have opportunities to turn the disastrous campaigns into something advantageous that can increase the conversions of your marketing efforts.

It doesn’t matter if you possess 10,000 subscribers or ten if the content you create is engaging, and you can easily find your audience. Bring back the time when the subscribers used to feel joyous, looking, and reading the emails. Ensure there are no mistakes; otherwise, the performance will suffer.

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