Things you should know before developing UI/UX

Things Which you should know before developing UI/UX

Becoming a UI/UX designer is a complex maneuver. It doesn’t happen overnight. User interface development is generally a popular field that is increasing. So there’s quite a lot you must know regarding the hot topic. 

UX design is having an in-depth level of understanding of the user, by conducting user research, and performance testing. The ultimate goal is to delight the user in every possible way. The site is designed in such a way that the user must never feel frustrated while navigating. 

Think about the last time you used an application? Was it easy to use? Did you get confused or happy with color schemes? 

For optimal User interface and User Experience, you must know about its functionality, usability, and clarity of the products and services. Let me refresh you on some of the things you must know to get better acquainted with the process.

5 Things to know before developing UI/UX design

If you have not come to terms with the basics of understanding UI/UX design, it can get even more complicated to develop them in real-time. So, these are five essential things that you need to keep in mind.

  • UI vs. UX – Both are not similar

It’s a common mistake in using both terms interchangeably User Interface (UI) and User Experience. But you must differentiate the two, although UI is a part of UX.  

In simple terms, it’s like the right and left side of the human brain. UI mainly focuses on the visual experience of product or service, while UX is all about the functionality and usability of the product or service.

  • Don’t assume the place of the target audience

Yes, it’s better to look at things from your perspective, but while developing UI/UX design, you cannot be the target audience. Most of the entrepreneurs and designers conclude that the potential users are like them sharing the same beliefs in the matter at hand. 

This is a big mistake and must be avoided at all costs, analyze the target audience by sifting through their backgrounds, mindsets, and goals. Only then can you reach the utility of users and bloom as inspiration.

  • UI must be simple

I once wrote a poem that I had to explain every bit to whoever reads it. That’s embarrassing. Well, even the UI is the same, it should be dropped like a carrot, simple to understand. If the first thing users think “please explain” in their mind, then you have failed miserably. Yes, it must be good enough and simple to understand.

  • Design it in a way that all page is accessible within 3 clicks

I mean, not all your pages can be accessed within three clicks, but the important one must be accessible quickly; as the services or products, your offer section is important, so that can be the first thing the users see. Ultimately focus on the vital information that brings value to the users.

  • Content is Currency

If your website is full of Lorem Ipsum and other placeholders while the design is in the process, it can cost you. So during the design phase, avoid putting Lorem Ipsum over the page. I know original content has to come by but try to rely on text, images, and videos for better outcomes.

  • Use Prototype

Build a prototype before spending your resources on the actual product. Whether it is a website or an app, prototyping is the successful way of testing the hypothesis of developing incredible UI/UX design with different techniques.

  • Don’t overwhelm the users with a lot of crawling designs

Your UI must be crisp and to the point of serving the users with critical information to generate leads. Always ask yourself before designing, “would my customer be able to look at this?” Yes, the attention span of the customer is important as it depends on the time the super will concentrate on the design.

The Bottom Line

Most probably, now you can feel confident about how to develop the UI/UX design without slipping on the slope. Simplicity is the king and is consistent with your design so that users can easily interact with your product. In case you have any problems with digital don’t forget to contact us. We are here for you.

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