How to Do a Perfect SEO?

How to Do a Perfect SEO?

Do you feel that SEO is hard? Especially when all the sites are giving the same advice over and over again. Most of the advice is about backlinks, concise content, sharing them on social media, and optimizing the title tag as if you didn’t know that.

All the ranking sites out there are already doing it. You want something different and revolutionary that hooks the audience to advance your blog to the next level. 

How to do Perfect SEO that is tactical and accessible easily?

Let’s dive right in..

  • Find the Opportunity Keyword

Instead of regular keywords that very others use, find opportunity keywords that rank between #8-#20 in Google. Opportunity keywords are those that have a high organic click-through rate (CTR). Look at the results and find four big keywords and now consider the opportunity keyword where people are bidding at a high rate.

  • Page Speed is important

If the page takes more time to load, then it’s the kiss of death in today’s situation. It can discourage the visitors, 40% of the people will leave the website; it takes 3 seconds to load. Frustrating the users beyond reason with the user experience is never good. 

Hence, remove the unnecessary elements that slow down the loading time of the page. Make sure it’s 1 second.

  • Create content that is different

Content is currency; you must realize it sooner because it attracts and delights the prospective customers. More than 61% of purchases happen because of a customer reading a blog. If you want the rank in google, research the data, and create content that is different from others. 

For example, if the title is “44 best free SEO Tools” or “18 Best SEO Tools” are already out there. But you can create something better like “ Seo Tools: The Complete Checklist,” like how Brain Dean decided not to blend in with other blogs, receiving tons of shares and backlinks.

  • Create a Hook

Creating a hook in the content means you get more backlinks as you’ll be the first one who created it in the web. For example, “ of your blog speaks about the 7% loss in conversions which is new, then other readers will link the same in their posts. Always look for a new topic that you can make a debut.

  • External and Internal Links

Websites with external links can outrank the sites without them. Google qualifies your content by the transition from one site to another, making it an essential part of SEO. The search bots of google will crawl the site to rank it depending on the content when you link out to another website.

Internal links are very important just like external links; it goes from one-page domain to a different page within the same domain. If you internally link in the right way, your strategy can be the perfect boost for SEO.

  • Use screenshots, charts, and visuals

Incorporating screenshots on your blog can get the point across the customer in a straightforward manner. If you annotate the screenshots, it looks even more professional.

Also, if you have the right resources and time, incorporate charts and explainer images as well to show the data across the visitors clearly. The result is it makes your blog stand out from the ordinary ones retaining the top position.

The above image is a simple chart I made online using imgflip, try it.

  • Optimize your content perfectly

Nobody wants to look at an ugly page that has no head or tail. So balance your content perfectly arranging in order. 

  • Short URLs

Short URL’s work wonders. It has become more important than before. To have a URL that is SEO friendly, make them short, and include a keyword in every URL. Simple as that.

Instead of a long URL like 

Try this short one

 Doesn’t it look good?

The Bottom Line

Still, there are a lot of SEO tactics for you to master, but these are the significant ones that can change your blog in 2020. It isn’t complicated to learn them either. Support your words and hold them together with compelling images to make the content more engaging.

It comes down to the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s right. First, write for humans rather than search engines and don’t try to manipulate keywords. That way, you can retain many social media shares, backlinks, and other metrics. Pay attention to these tips. You’ll definitely get better leads and increased revenue.

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