Affect on Market by COVID 19 Pandemic

Affect on Market by COVID 19 Pandemic

How Marketing Completely Changed in 2020 After COVID 19 Pandemic

COVID -19 Pandemic has changed the way people around the world would have spent their daily routine. Most of the activities remain shut, and working-class people under house arrest maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID 19) disease.

Sadly, we are getting more than 2,00,000 cases a day, and it’s rising faster. Because of it’s super spreading qualities, the global market has crashed to the lowest, and as a business owner, you will be impacted.

This is the most uncertain and testing time for consumers, marketers, and small businesses who are experiencing tremendous shifts in their business. So, it’s essential to keep up with how changing markets and trends are affecting your business. 

As a digital marketing company in India, we are seeing how COVID-19 is changing our marketing strategies. 


How are Digital Marketing Companies Adjusting to the Strategies?

Local businesses with no online presence are completely shut down; this is where digital marketing plays a vital role in changing the situation of COVID 19 pandemic. 

Tons of data is suggesting that organic traffic has reduced in every industry due to coronavirus, and as a marketer, it’s frustrating to see a decline in the conversion rate. 

But a fine thing to expect is the economic downturn is the time where you have less competition, so use the strategy to get deals and easier results by reducing numbers in pay-per-click advertising.

Remote Digital Teamwork will become Normal

Gone are the days where it’s considered working from home as slacking off from being in office. Now, amidst the COVID-19, pandemic businesses have largely adopted their second-best choice of working remotely. 

We do have the web conferencing facility, email access, and broadband infrastructure to connect the employees in digital teamwork for the enterprise reducing the overheads for many companies even after the pandemic.

Spike in social media activity

As a company with a robust online presence, it’s time to keep up with the customers with an online presence through social media. It was always an excellent tool for gaining new audiences, but now, it’s even more so.

If you are not using the means already, consider changing the tactic as people are spending more time on social media in the wake of the pandemic. This is the best time to advertise your products and services to gain new audiences and expand the reach.

Cause marketing is gaining the advantage

Cause marketing has been in the picture from the last few years, but now during the pandemic, it has gained tremendous popularity. If you donate some portion for the cause of local community’s welfare,

Just post a simple “Buy ‘X’ with 15% off and we will donate 10%,” that can be most helpful for those in need at this difficult time.

3D printing might gain popularity

As the supply chain underwent a significant disruption from the lockdown, 3D printing is timely, proving to be more reliable for manufacturing products to meet the demands of customers. 

Most of the designers, manufacturers, charities are using 3D printing methods to ensure the safety of the public. Although there is speculation about its quality and safety, it’s proving to be quite a good strategy to adopt in your digital marketing campaigns.

Video marketing is vital

Video marketing has always been one of the favorites for marketers. As studies suggest, 54% of the consumers want to see video content for the brand they support, and 8 out of 10 users have purchased after watching the brand video.


In Short 

During this coronavirus, time makes sure to hook your customers with comforting brand videos as consumers love video. With this pandemic, we can expect to see new marketing trends rising and becoming crucial to the brands’ success.  Tackle the business problems smartly and stay alert. 

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